Saturday, February 03, 2007

Praise for Electric Birdland:

Grimey Dubstep sounds backed up with some hefty Drum & Bass / Junglist cuts from these bods who previously appeared on one of the Werk Grim Dubs EPs (if I remember rightly). Tight production and some whopping great big basslines (particularly on the Grime side) mean that this'll be seeing some serious play on the heavier dancefloors. One of the best Deathsucker releases so far in my opinion. Check. (Smallfish Records)

Nice to get a 12" on Death$ucker at the end of all the 6 stringed mayhem. This is a 4 track newie by MONKEY STEAK, side 'B' featuring tidy, funky breaks/itchy grimey beats, effortless playful agit funk rythyms with lots of skanking ideas & dancefloor pummeling action. I feel this label bridges the gap between quality underground club music & the madder end of DnB, comin atcha like a passionate stable for the less nihilistic elements of the breakcore scene. This is beautifully produced stuff full of deep sounds, eastern samples & slightly wonky exitable beats. Flip over, you get some breathless skittering DnB action with some sweet reggae touches from the classic track 'Too Late' (this is side A! I keep on doing these records the wrong way round. Do I give a toss???) 'Toxic RIP VIP' finishes the fun with some twatted DnB hyper breaks & some mad ass warped dub/harmonica action. Cracking gear. (Norman Records)

"elecric birdland ep" is their latest offering on the excellect death$ucker label. the a side features two tracks of jungle sweetness; "too late" and "toxic rip vip", the later a tribute to the late toxic dancehall (probably the uk's best ever breakcore party!). the b side is a more 2 step garage / grime flavoured affair; "black milk" and "gaza stripclub" have monkey steak flexing their bass muscles, proving that its not all about junglism. (Rough Trade)

Fresh from having his last single remixed by Pinch, Bristol's Monkeysteak drops this four tracker, with two good rather tight Eastern influenced tracks with some tight exciting editing and punchy sounds. The other side which carries a reggae version of Mum favorite Carole King's ' Too Late' is entertaining and a good attempt but needs some work. Toxic Rip V.I.P. is a mashed up piece of err mash up. (Warpmart)

For their first solo release (following a split with Dswat's founder Parasite), Monkey Steak present a very strong four tracker on which these duo display more than ever their dubby roots. While the whole thing is obviously drum'n'bass, several tracks on this "Electric Birdland" have a light-sounding, flowing dub bassline and feel, with some slight hip hop experiments. Add to this a very catchy Bollywood-inspired tune, and you get a pleasant, well done and very "spinnable" record. Recommended. (Ad Noiseam)

A diversified grime ragga dubstep mixture with eclectic leanings, flexing the bass. (Sound Control)

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