Thursday, February 22, 2007

Douceur out now on Immerse Records

The Substratum EP hits the shops this week! Very honoured to be a part of this one, huge respect out to Adam Kidkut, the chap behind Immerse, another killer Bristol label; not to mention the other artists who make up this 12" double pack, 23Hz & Numaestro, Diem, and of course all round class act and good buddy Forsaken (aka Pete Bubonic)! Adam's put together a press release and even a competition to go with this one so have a butchers below. In the meantime, you can pick up this record either here or here.

Immerse Records press release and competetion:

2 parts, 2 plates (all cut at 45 and sounding rough!)

Audio can be found here (

ime 003 pt1:

A. Galleon Dub - 23Hz & Numaestro
AA. Douceur - Atki2

ime 003 pt2:

A. Sitar Dub - Diem
AA. Thunder - Forsaken

Release Info
Following on from the sell-out first release featuring Benga & Walsh and the hefty drumfunk of Andy Skopes & Madcap on IME002, Immerse Records focus once again on the dubstep with the forthcoming Substratum EP. This is a weighty 2-part release featuring a clutch of new producers repping from Bristol to Barcelona, all supplying tunes designed to work as well off the dance floor as on it. Part 1. Spanish dubstep impresario’s 23Hz & Numaestro finally see Galleon Dub touch wax after what seems like an eternity on dubplate! Ethnic tinges and paranoid pads drift over the resonating subs and crisp percussion. Grim soldier Atki2 gets choppy with Douceur, building tension throughout with sliced & reversed drums; mournful strings and nasty squelch bass. Part 2. Forsaken’s Thunder kicks off with a warm boom bass and fathoms-deep space ethereals, then the devastating reese line comes out of nowhere to hit you right between the eyes. Finally, new artist Diem serves up Sitar Dub, a stone cold killer with air-bulging LFOs to complement the huge echo chamber snares and classic dread samples.

Release Date 02/03/2007


To win a copy of substratum ep please send the anwser to the following question to

Q. Name the artist(s) that produced under the guise of Foul Play

The winner will be picked at random, closing date 2nd March 2007


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