Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gigs this weekend....

Tomorrow night I'm playing Cambridge...

SUBCULTURE - Thursday 26th April 07

Atki2 (Werk/PunchDrunk/Shadetek)
Ramadanman (Bare Dubs)

Resident DJs:
Oslek, Damo and Ndrangheta

Check for more info.

Then on Saturday, Jon and I will be flying out to Porto, Portugal to play a Monkey Steak gig. We'll be playing at Plano B at a night called Yes Yes Y'all. Our hosts, The Bastards have all the details up on their myspace page. Can't upload a flyer for the night because I don't have one so here's a picture of what Jon and I have requested in our rider:

Will try and update this page with more gig info as and when. Otherwise, my myspace page at that should be up to date.


Blogger bass clef said...

have a good one, wish I was jetting off to Porto too...

1:02 pm  

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