Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jungle Monkeys

This Saturday:

Jon and I can't wait for this one! Toxic Dancehall @ The Black Swan, 3rd December 2005! Just putting the final touches to an exclusively junglist set! You can see us play for half an hour @ 11.30pm alongside Drop The Lime, Bong Ra, DJ Scotch Egg, Vex'd, RLF.... the list goes on and on! Advice though folks, get down early cos this one's gonna be hectic!

While on the subject of jungle, the first named Monkey Steak EP hits the shops on Monday 5th December. It's a split EP with Parasite, on his Death$ucker label. Tracklisting runs like this:

Side A
1. Parasite - Big Up Yourself (Monkey Steak Remix ft. Scorpio)
2. Monkey Steak - Knocking Around The Zoo
3. Monkey Steak - Bonus Beat

Side B
1. Monkey Steak - Jamaican Girl Style (Parasite Refit)
2. Parasite - Big Up Yourself

To listen to previews of the tracks, click 'ere. You'll be able to pick up your copy from from Monday - or grab one early if you come along to Toxic!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Grim Dubs Vol. 5

Single of the week at Boomkat

This is what they tell you:

"Here the ebullient bass warble and splintered breaks which pepper the topside still stand to work wonders in the dance, whether you’re stood on the floor or grappling a microphone. Iced chords round out a big special one. Flip the script for a dismebowelled in-version, where the continuous flow of the low-end is infiltrated by merciless gabba agendas, and a shocking abrasive intent. In the end, its all just music, mostly with a big bottom end, one often has words and one predominantly not. Any trace of vocal here is obliterated almost completely, leaving the record an almost complete dancehall dub wrecker. That’s about it – o yes, by the way - we’re just saying, watch out! Large."

This is what they don't:

a1. Atki2 - Year of the Cockerel
b1. Atki2 - Untitled feat. D'Kat

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Atki2 September Session 2005

Click here.


Atki2: Duty Free
Atki2: Tantrum
Atki2: Old Sow Caught In The Fence
Atki2: Stoop Beat
Atki2 & Renee Silver - Shocking Out Proud! (Guilty Pleasures Mix, feat. Indi Kaur)
Atki2 - The Crabs
Atki2 - Duty Paid (VWE Mix)
Atki2 feat. D'Kat - Untitled

Big up to Gutterbreakz for originally hosting this.

Breezeblock Bomb!

Still on a high after Mary Anne Hobbs not only played "Shocking Out Proud!" on the Breezeblock this Monday gone (21st Nov 05), but named it "Breezeblock Bomb" for the week! It nicely coincided with Baked Good's announcement of the "Sweaty Palms EP" release date which will be Monday 19th December (though check Boomkat the Friday before). This is the EP in which I've collaborated with South London MC, Renée Silver who lends her inimitable style to the title track. The EP also features an ultra slick remix by Drop The Lime...


atki2 & Renée Silver "Sweaty Palms EP"

1. atki2 & Renée Silver Shocking Out Proud! (Sweaty Palms Mix)

2. atki2 Sweaty Dub

3. atki2 & Renée Silver Shocking Out Proud! (DTL Salty Mix)

4. atki2 Tantrum

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Adverse Camber 4th Birthday Party
(Click link for printable invite and venue details)

Friday 11th November 2005
Secret South London location ...

Vex'd / Monkey Steak / Imperial Leisure / Alt*Ctrl Soundsystem / Mike Rak / Another Mr. Lizard / El Kano / Magimix ... the list goes on!

Can't wait for Kano and Anna's bellycore antics - that alone will be worth the door tax!