Sunday, March 26, 2006

Shut the fuk up and ...

... RAVE!!!!!

Atki2 @ Vacuous Pop & STFU & Rave!

Thanks for everyone who came down to see Monkey Steak play over the last week. Three wicked gigs with Rag & Bone a week ago, Ruffnek Diskotek last Thursday and Soundslike Werk last night down in Herne Hill (featuring a secret line up of significant techno bods those names I'm sure I would remember had I not consumed quite so much booze and spliff during the proceedings). Big up all the organisers, Jason Warlock and Stacey NoYeahNo at Rag & Bone, Tim and Krys at Ruffnek (you can check out Gutterbreakz review of the night 'ere) and Gav @ Werk.

A few days off before things kick off again next weekend, starting with a Werk Showcase at the Vacuous Pop Night in Oxford:

Friday 31st March 2005

Werk Discs and Vacuous Pop present:

Atki2 - Live (Werkdiscs / Shadetek)
Actress - Live (Werkdiscs)
Po Ski - DJ Set
Plus special guests

9pm - 3am
Cellar Bar, Frewin Court, Cornmarket Street, Oxford
Cost: Not sure, probably £5 or summat

Then a dash back to Bristol for a big old rave up at the Black Swan on Saturday night. Just check out this badboy monster line up:


Saturday 1st April 2006

Room 1: Breakcore/Mashup room
Aaron spectre vs. Drumcorps (Mashit/Death$ucker/Clash/Cockrockdisco/ Germany)
Shitmat (Planet Mu/Wrong Music)
DJ Sctoch Egg (Wrong Music/Adaadat/ Japan)
OvE-NaXx (Adaadat/ Japan)
Michael J Rocks (1 man army)
Fix/Noisey Boy/Alkemy ([DISSIDENT] DJ's)
Amen Homes (Hijack)
Jay Nom (Death$ucker)
VJ Crustea

Room 2: Dubstep/Reggae/Ragga/Grime
Beavis (Roots Radical/Who?Crew/Noir)
Dub Boy (Ruffnek Diskotek/Who?Crew)
DJ Soju (Spinback)
DJ Raggamuffin (MonkeyKnifeFight)
Blazey (Black Ops/Subloaded/Dubloaded)
Pinch (Planet Mu/Subloaded/Dubloaded)
Stealth (Hijack)
Atki2 (Werkdiscs/Shadetek)
Pete Bubonic (Noir)

Room 3: Hosted by
DJ OAAHIBAH (aka Team Brick)
Sam Wilson
Struwwelpeter (Hijack)
DJ NME (Darkland/GrandTheftAudio/Science)
DJ Middleman (Science/Hijack)
DJ Blam (Digital Jackass)
Pete UK (Aurally Funked)
Navaho Joe

@ Black Swan, Stapleton Road, Bristol
£5 b4 midnight, £6 after

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

DJ Derek and Werk Showcase at Ruffnek!

Yes yes yes! You knows this one's serious!



Bashment / Grim / Dubstep / Jungle / Electronics

MAIN ROOM: DJ Derek [Trojan] Monkey Steak LIVE [Werk/ Death$ucker] Actress LIVE [Werk] Heatwave DJs [Punchline/ Scandalbag]

FRONT ROOM: Po-ski [Werk] Forensics [Ruffnek Diskotek] Star Delta [Boggle] Brother Wetlands [Boggle]

10pm-3am, £4 b4 11/5 after 22

Small Street, Bristol BS1 1DW

CD giveaways, Drinks promos, Visuals

More info: