Thursday, May 25, 2006

Review from this month's (June) Wire.

Bank Holiday Hijack Party

@ Timbuk2, Small Street, Bristol.

Main Room:
Kraymon (Kingpin)
Stealth and Mockney Ben (Noir/Sainsbury’s) *old skool gayrage*
Thinking and Beavis (Noir/Dubloaded) *old skool full cycle special*
The Bandit (The Blast)
Sconeboy (Signal / Phat Beats)
Clocker (Equalizers)
Front Room
Punksi (Bashout)
Cameron (Noir)
Madboy (Service Station Generation)
Jaytea (Timecode)
Atki2 (Werk / Shadetek)
Typowriter (Leprechaun)

Back Room (downstairs)
Dub Boy (Ruffneck Diskotek)
Subkulture and Spree (Penguin Dance)
Delsa (Total Niceness)
Clu (Chien!/Cuisine)
Penfold (Rinse)
Said (Timbuk 2 Dictator)

MCs : Feeback / Syntax
VJ by Crustea
Photography by Winner
Plus Decor by Bunchie, Stinky, Obs + ??

9:30 - 3:30
£5 all night.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grim FM out now on Werk Discs

Grim FM CD available here


01. Intro
02. Basss Clefff - Welcome to Echo Chamber
03. Hanuman - Signor Chango's Dub Grim Edit
04. Atki2 - Skit
05. Atki2 - Stoop Beat
06. Atki2 - Duty Paid
07. Starkbot Beats: Episode 147
08. Starkey - Run the Bonus Features
09. Starkey - Quit Smiling / Battle_Mode_VIP
10. Monkey Steak - Ruff Ting King
11. Monkey Steak - Dirty Madge
12. Uberdog - Untitled
13. Starkey - Let You Go
14. Ben Codec - Din
15. Tersh Jetterax - Vs General

Compiled by Po-Ski

Boomkat review: "Akin to stumbling across a juiced up pirate radio station somewhere on the lower-end of the dial, 'Grim FM' goes on to deliver just shy of an hour of breathless aural goodness that blends the fizzing embers of grime, caliginous aromas of dubstep and an oily sense of fun into a sonic battering-ram that represents an aural Sudafed for the senses. Featuring a host of Grim Dub regulars (ATKI2, Starkey, Monkey Steak et al), many of the cuts included have never been heard before and the others are available for the first time on CD, thereby giving the vinylphobic a distillation of a cheekily vibrant scene, whilst the rest of us can bolster the 12"s with some crystalline stereo action. Very much adhering to the Werk ethos (i.e., if it's worth doing it's worth doing with a smile on your face), 'Grim FM' doesn't at any point get mired in an overarching sense of Wacaday fun - preferring instead to instill a buoyancy to proceedings that doesn't rely on humorless 'bong' skits. With obvious highlights coming in the form of ATKI2's seething 'Duty Paid', Starkey's piano-flecked electronic pinpricks ('Run The Bonus Features') and Basss Clefff's cavernous take on drafty-dub ('Welcome To Echo Chamber'), 'Grim FM' will knee you in the nuts then kiss you on the forehead. Grim meaning great..."

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Coming soon...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Top ten for Earplug

This month, I was asked by Philip Sherburne to submit my top ten chart to Earplug, a bimonthly email magazine that covers the electronic music scene - and it features in the current issue (no. 67, 27th April 27 - 10th May 2006). Definitely a site worth checking out if you haven't before, with plenty of interesting articles and reviews, plus links to a load of mp3s.

My list:

Skream, Dutch Flowers (no label)
Bass Clef, Welcome to Echo Chamber (no label)
Kode9/The Spaceape, "Nine Samurai" (Hyperdub)
Joe Atkins, Indian Summer (no label)
Various, The 4 Guardians EP (Combat)
Monkey Steak, Lighthouse Dub (no label)
Razor X, Killing Sound (Rephlex)
Digital Mystikz, "Anti-War Dub" (DMZ)
Jacky Murda and RCola, Wicked Babylon (Chopstick Dubplate)
Mr. Keas, Gunfight (Southside Recordings)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bad By Design

@ Arc Bar, Bristol
Saturday 13th May 2006
9pm till 2am

ROOM 1: Dub, Reggae, Dubstep, Grime, Electro Breakbeat

ATKI2 (Werk / Shadetek)
M.D MILES (Ultraviolent sounds)
AMEN BEAU (Ultraviolent sounds)
AMPROD (Ultraviolent sounds)
EDDY BREAKBEAT (Ultraviolent sounds)

ROOM 2: Rinse it Out Full Power Psychedelic Trance

POCKET FLUFF VS MAGRAH (zenon records, organised chaos)
AURORA VS LURK (maia records, hoi poi loi)
MR FASTER VS SPECIAL GUEST tbc (bad by design, brainchild)

Kapotte Radio Party in Leuven, Belgium

Saturday 6th May 2006

Kapotte Radio Party with:

Anarchic Hardrive*
Makasu Kath Core
Sim on Kor Funkle
Matar, Meta_Warfare
and more...

Villa Squatus Dei, Leuven, Belgium
more info:

* At this stage, I couldn't honestly tell you who/what Anarchic Hardrive will consist of. It could be myself and lyricist D'Herbalis', it could be me and Hanuman, or it could be me on my lone-some. Depends who the Eurostar management allow on the train on Saturday... :)

Audio for Wedge b2b Atki2 now online

Bit late posting this up, but you can download the audio for the Wedge show (DarkFM) I guested on last month right here: -
worth checking out some of the other mixes on there too, loads of quality stuff ;)

Many thanks to Wedge for letting me come on the show and make some noise, it was a fun night! Definitely make sure you check out his weekly show, 10pm til midnight every tuesday evening at