Tuesday, November 28, 2006

GoatLab this friday night (01-12-06)

Expect to hear brand new Steak House specials...

The GoatLab -
Friday 1 December 2006 -
Timbuk 2, Small St, Bristol UK -

Drumcorps (aka Aaron Spectre, Ad Noiseam/Cock Rock Disco)* Tim Exile (Planet-Mu)* Monkey Steak (Death$ucker / Punch Drunk)* Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards (Electronica / Grindcore / Metal)* Parasite (Death$ucker / Peace Off)* Ironside (P.R.A.N.K / Dissident)* Dub Boy (Ruffnek Diskotek)* Jay Nom (Death$ucker)* Nim Chimpski (Bad Planet)

£5 in fancy goat wear.
£6 b4 11pm, £7 after.
Tickets are available from DSWAT and DMT Records (Stokes Croft). FFi: www.thegoatlab.com

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Monkey Steak EP for Death$ucker

Monkey Steak - Electric Birdland
Out on Death$ucker Records December 2006

(jungle side)
A1 - Too Late
A2 - Toxic RIP VIP

(grim side)
B1 - Black Milk
B2 - Gaza Stripclub

Big up Parasite on putting this 12" out! Here's what he's written about this release on his blog:

"Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - Yesterday I went to Liquid Mastering in London with Sam (aka Atki2) from Monkey Steak to cut the new "Electric Birdland" 12" EP for Death$ucker (DSR20). We met Jon (the other half of Monkey Steak), who managed to bunk off work for the afternoon to attend the cut. The lathe had been out of action for a few weeks, so Nick the studio engineer (who has cut the last seven Death$ucker releases to date!) was delighted to have it in working order again. It facinates me to think that this is cutting edge vinyl technology and it's 25 years old! Will they still be using analogue lathes in 25 years time? I guess it ultimately depends on the demand for vinyl as a music medium. So come on people, support vinyl culture!!!Anyway the cut went really well! The A side of the EP features two tracks of jungle sweatness "Too Late" and "Toxic RIP VIP", the later a tribute to the late Toxic Dancehall (probably the UK's best ever breakcore night...in my slightly biased opinion ;). The B side is a more 2 step garage / grime flavoured affair, "Black Milk" and "Gaza Stripclub" have Monkey Steak flexing their bass muscles, proving that its not all about junglism. The release also features superb artwork by my bro John, check his stuff out at johnepainter.co.uk. Hopefully "Electric Birdland" will be ready for it's launch at the next GoatLab party! Have a listen to "Too Late" on Death$ucker MySpace."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Monkey release updates

[COMBAT 09] :: Haiku
Operative :: Stormfield MonkeySteak Ed Chamberlain Point B Blackmass Plastics

release :: autumn 2006

format :: heavyweight vinyl

Distribution: Veto Music

Haiku is a growling, hybrid electronic track constructed from far-eastern battlefield samples arranged into a staggering rhythm of glitches, sword clashes and flying sparks introduced in gradual measures.

The original version came about organically and unplanned after loads of late nights working with samples and sounds that happened to fit together. The final result seems to sit between a few genres… with each remix pushing the track toward specific influences from electro, electronica and dubstep sources, by adepts in each respective school of thought such as Ed Chamberlain (Base Logic), Monkey Steak, Blackmass Plastics and Point B. This is the label's 9th release, traditionally considered a lucky number among ancient ninja clans.

"Lethal" (Ed Chamberlain remix) - Mary Anne Hobbs, Breezeblock, BBC Radio One

"Stormfield's original track recalls vintage Photek with martial arts samples creating a slow, cinematic rhythm. Monkeysteak turns it techy 2-step; Ed Chamberlain goes filthy electro; Blackmass Plastics do a militant dubstep wobbler; and Point B manages to somehow fuse dubstep and broken beat… And it all works together just fine." - Mixmag

"The tension of association and contrast informs the construction of classic haiku. Stormfield reminds us of this by quoting the renowned master Basho: "over the warriors summer grasses wave: the aftermath of dreams, however brave." Remarkable even in English translation - so how to convert this into sonic imaginings that generate surprise? Samples of warrior clashes seep int othe abstract glitched dubstep of Haiku. Signature bass wobbles pile on the pressure while the grunt and clash of swordplay scar the mix" - The Wire

"Finally an underground label decides to do something interesting with electro breaks... self repsecing electro ninjas can throw shapes to the intricate rework by Monkeysteak and the high-powered bass wobble of Ed Chamberlain's version". DJ Mag

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Plummet tomorrow night ...

Timbuk2, 22 Small Street,
Bristol, BS1 1DW

Thursday 16th November 2006
Live Breakcore/Jungle/Mash up/Electronics/Glitch/Teenage Sluts

Room 1:

XANOPTICON (USA - Hymen/Peace Off/Mutant Sniper/Zhark)
Atki2 (Werkdiscs/Shadetek)
Shoutput (Plummet)
Headphobe (1 Man Army Records)

Room 2 (Hosted by Boggle):

Carbon Lifeform
Boggle DJ's: Decks and FX

£5 Entry
Doors: 10pm - 3am